Part Baez/part Emmylou” - Mike Davies

— FATEA Records UK

"...significant insights and pleasing melodies; what more could we desire from folk music? Bello's deep resonant voice carries her melodies with presence and poise."  -- Music reviews and thoughts @Fervor Coulee emotional, personal, and well-produced release”

— The Bandcamp Diaries

Particularly thoughtful song-writing” - Gordon Sharpe

— Americana UK

Josie has received accolades and fans through her music. Here are what some people are saying and some of her noteworthy accomplishments.

Have Purpose Live Long is an album that's grounded in truth and speaking from the unusual signature sound, setting Bello apart from the pack. A folk album at heart, this is a mix of Americana genres” - Melissa Clark

— Americana Highways

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